15 Cool Real Estate Infographics

One of the first posts I published when I launched this blog back in February of last year was “5 Cool Real Estate Infographics“. Almost a year later, this post continues to be one of the most popular posts on the blog and it occurred to me that there have probably been many more cool real estate infographics created since then.

After a few hours of digging around, I was able to find the following 15 real estate infographics that I think do a great job of informing Realtors and home buyers and sellers about the real estate market.  I hope you enjoy these and find them useful!

1. Qualities of Top Realtors

This infographic highlights some of the traits and results of top performing real estate agents.  Important to know when trying to find a Realtor to help you buy or sell your next home.

Top real estate agents traits - real estate infographic





















2. Real estate and mobile technology

Very interesting stats about how many home buyers and sellers are using the Realtor.com  mobile app to find real estate listings and other information.

Real estate on iPhones and Androids - real estate infographic

































3. How far does your real estate dollar go?

This real estate infographic shows how the price of a four bedroom, two bath home changes depending on what part of the US you are looking.

Average cost of home in US Cities - real estate infographic




































4. Five Types of Mortgages for Buying your next Home

This is a helpful infographic comparing 5 different types of 30 year mortgages based on down payment requirement and total monthly payment.

5 types of home mortgages - mortgage infographic










































5.  7 Reasons for buying a condo

If your like me and you hate yard work, you may be interested in buying a condo.  This infographic looks at 7 reasons why a home buyer might consider buying a condo instead of a single family home.

Condos for sale.  Are they the right choice for you?
















































6.  Investing in Real Estate Infographic

Investing in real estate isn’t for everyone, let alone the faint of heart.  However, if you think you have what it takes, here is some good information to help you down the path of real estate investing.

The ultimate guide to real estate investment - Infographic













































7. American Dream Survey from Trulia

Home ownership will always be part of the American Dream for me but according to the survey below, that isn’t true for everyone in the US.

American Dream of Owning a Home - real estate infographic
































8. How To Sell Your Home

This is good information whether you are a For Sale Buy Owner, FSBO, or working with a real estate agent to sell your home.  Either way, the more you know about the process of selling a home and what to expect, the easier it will go on all parties involved.

Guide to Seling a Home - real estate infographic
















































9. Where & Why Are Foreigners Buying U.S. Real Estate

Certain areas of the country are hot for foreign buyers of real estate and according to the info on this real estate infographic, 62% of them are buying real estate with cash.  Find out if you are soon to be a minority in your neighborhood.

Where Foreigners are Buying Real Estate in US - infographic














































10. Things To Consider When Buying A Home

An informative graphic regarding many aspects of buying a home including current mortgage rates, median prices of homes, the home buying process and more.

Things to consider when buying a home - real estate infographic















































11. Most Expensive Homes in the US

This infographic offers a fun and interesting way to look at real estate in the US by focusing on the most expensive homes. Discover the ten most expensive zip codes for real estate (Mine isn’t on the list), some of the highest prices paid for homes in the US and what some of the most expensive homes in the US are currently listed for.

Most expensive homes in the US - Real estate  infographic




















































12. Price of Rent versus Home Prices

With increasing rents and decreasing home prices, in some areas of the country a mortgage payment can be less than rent.  The real estate infographic below shows the changes in average rent from 2008 to 2011 and average listings prices of homes by state.

Comparison of renting vs buying a home - real estate infographic











13. What’s in a monthly mortgage payment?

Good information for first time home buyers, this graphic breaks down a mortgage payment into the different components and also shows the effects of different down payment amounts, 5,10, 15%, on the monthly payment.

Breakdown of monthly mortgage payment - mortgage payment infographic





































14. Best Season to List Home For Sale

This cool infographic from the people at Redfin compares all four seasons to determine if one season is best to list a home for sale.   Based on the four metrics used for comparison, Winter appears to be the best season to list a home for sale.

What is the best time of the year to sell a house? Real estate infographic

































15. Should You Buy A Fixer-upper?

Many of us have seen the movie “The Money Pit” which was an over exaggeration of what can go wrong when buying a fixer-upper.  Like real estate investing, buying a fixer-upper is also not for the faint of heart. The real estate infographic below is a flow chart for the decision process and following this path could save you time, money and your marriage.

Investing in a reasl estate with a fixer upper home - infographic





































I hope you found these 15 real estate infographics both useful and entertaining.  Feel free to let us know about any good infographics we may have missed and we will include them in our next collection.

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  5. Louis says:

    These are fun. We just published our first infographic—a guide to the 1031 exchange. Here: http://www.1031gateway.com/1031-exchange-the-ultimate-guide-infographic/

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